Last updated: 2019-05-05

Currently available for employment.


2010 – 2012 Masters of Science – Plants and Environment
  University of Strasbourg, France
  → Including six-month internship at the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, The University of Queensland (UQ)
  → Including one week botany and ecology training course in the French Alps, Col du Lautaret, France
2010 – 2011 University Diploma – Environmental Risks and Management
  University of Strasbourg, France
2005 – 2008 Bachelor of Science – Cell Biology and Physiology
  Louis Pasteur University1, Strasbourg, France
  → Including one year Erasmus scholarship at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
2005 “Selectividad” (PAEU) – Spanish University access diploma
  UNED, Paris, France
2002 – 2005 Baccalauréat scientifique majoring in Life Sciences, Spanish international option (OIB)
  Lycée International des Pontonniers, Strasbourg, France

Professional experience

2018 – current Digital Scholarship Support Officer
  Digital Scholars Hub2, Library
  The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  → Responsibilities include:
  - coordination and delivery of training in programs, programming languages and data sources (including: R and RStudio, Python and Spyder, QGIS, OpenStreetMap, Bash, Git, OpenRefine), directed at students and staff3
      - curriculum for new courses and maintenance of existing course materials
      - collecting feedback from attendees and regularly reviewing course materials accordingly
      - designing on-request one-off courses tailored to particular events and audiences
      - organising and facilitating guest presentations and workshops by members of the UQ community
      - communicating with attendees with follow-up answers and resources
      - completing administrative tasks around scheduling, reporting
      - implementing blended-learning measures (recording screencasts, offering online broadcast of sessions, recommending interactive learning resources)
      - observation and upskilling in content and delivery of other departmental courses (Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Digital Humanities)
      - face-to-face consultations with students and staff to collaboratively work through roadblocks
      - one-on-one introduction to research and data management tools relevant to client’s needs
      - support via email when possible and appropriate
  → Skills acquired:
      - use of UQ Library systems for independent scheduling, reporting and documenting (LibNet, StudentHub, Office 365, MyAurion, UQ Book It)
      - communicating with relevant staff members to communicate DSH offerings and create links with other organisational units
      - collaborating with colleagues inside and outside the DSH on relevant projects
      - continuous learning on both currently-supported and potential future tools to deliver quality, up-to-date support
2016 – current Webmaster
  Australian Society of Plant Scientists
  → Maintaining and enriching the online plant science manual Plants in Action:
      - updating the Drupal CMS core and the necessary modules, migrating content between major software versions
      - uploading and updating content
      - reviewing the material and responding to feedback
2015 – current Volunteer instructor and helper
  The Carpentries
  → Teach foundational coding and data science skills to researchers:
      - instructor training completed in 2017
      - teach material and help attendees at standalone Carpentries workshop as well as during ResBaz events
      - participate in editing teaching materials
2012 – 2018 Research Officer
  Plant Nutrition and Ecophysiology group, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
  The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  → Diverse research projects with a focus in sustainable agricultural systems:
      - campus-wide GHG emissions accounting (waste management, agricultural activities)
      - nitrogen management modelling in cotton farms
      - nitrogen use efficiency in sugarcane varieties
      - use of alternative organic fertilisers, including distillery waste
      - Life Cycle Assessment of sugarcane agriculture from cradle to gate
      - next-generation fertilisers for a sustainable tropical agriculture
      - chronosequence study in Great Sandy National Park
      - Triodia sp. study in North-West Queensland
  → Skills acquired:
      - reviewing of software-based nitrogen management tool
      - laboratory, glasshouse and field work
      - scientific publication and report writing
      - statistical analysis and interpretation of data
      - maintainer of chemical database
      - troubleshooting of workstations and research instruments
      - webmaster of research group website


Computer science

I specialise in Open Source software for research and publishing, and Linux systems, and I have knowledge in a range of other tools.

Advanced knowledge of office suites LibreOffice and Microsoft Office
Advanced knowledge of Linux environments and GNU packages
Sound knowledge of:      Git revision system4      GIS with QGIS      Wordpress, Drupal and Jekyll publishing software
Essential knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, NVivo, Venngage
Advanced knowledge of R
Sound knowledge of Python
Essential knowledge in C, Bash, LaTeX, HTML and CSS

Professional development

Certificates can be provided on demand.

  • 2019: Blockchain & Decentralization for the Information Industries, MOOC by San Jose State University
  • 2018: MOOC Botanique (general botany), MOOC by Tela Botanica
  • 2017: Mental Health First Aid, MHFA Australia (delivered at UQ)
  • 2017: Volunteer Instructor Training, The Carpentries

  • all required UQ OH&S training completed

Other skills, roles and interests

  • UQ Ally Network member
  • UQ Green Office Program representative
  • Committee member of Brisbane’s 4EB FM’s French-language group, broadcaster and panel operator; main broadcaster and panel operator of music show studio d’essai on Global Digital radio.
  • Volunteer at Muticultural Development Association
  • Open knowledge and Free Software advocate (FSF member; contributor on several collaborative projects, including Wikipedia5, OpenStreetMap6, Musicbrainz7 and StackExchange8)
  • Cycling, rock-climbing, performance arts
  • Music: guitar; electronic and experimental music
  • Botany and gardening, cinema, literature, cooking, travel, bushwalks
  • Valid and current manual Queensland driver’s licence


proficient (European C2-equivalent)
mother tongue
second language, fluency (5 years of study in International secondary education, residence in Spain)
intermediate level, spoken and written

  1. prior to the University of Strasbourg merge 

  2. formerly Centre for Digital Scholarship and Internet and Digital Literacy teams. 

  3. see up-to-date list of maintained materials on the dedicated GitLab repository 

  4. see GitHub and GitLab profiles for an activity record 

  5. 11,000+ edits 

  6. 950+ changesets 

  7. 6,500+ edits 

  8. 3,500+ reputation